During the two and a half years that I spent researching, writing, and editing my recent book, “Standing Room Only: Marketing Insights for Engaging Performing Arts Audiences” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), I found that I often needed to modify material I had written a relatively brief time before and avail myself of new ideas, approaches, and case studies. Our environment has become far more dynamic than when I published my first book in the 1990s, with changing demographics and lifestyles and the advent of Internet and social marketing.  The preferences, interests, and priorities of various market segments are changing rapidly, creating challenges for  arts managers and marketers who often struggle to keep their organizations vital. Some strategies that worked well in the past are now obsolete. In response, some savvy marketers are identifying opportunities and implementing effective new approaches that are widely generalizable to the field.

This blog reflects my dedication to disseminating proven marketing wisdom along with viable new ideas and approaches that will help arts organizations improve their practices and impact, while realizing their artistic missions.

I also plan to use this blog as a forum for presenting my perspectives on some “hot” marketing topics, such as dynamic pricing, and other strategies that may be misunderstood or confusing, such as how best to design and implement market research.

I welcome guest bloggers who have interesting cases or perspectives to share.

Please sign up to follow this blog and join me on a journey to explore how we can develop and retain eager and enthusiastic audiences for now and into the future.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, subjects you would like me to address in the blog, or your offer to serve as a guest blogger.

And please explore my website to learn more about me and my work.  http://www.artsmarketinginsights.com

As Stephen Sondheim said in his great musical “Sunday in the Park with George,”

So many possibilities!

Joanne Bernstein


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